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11 behaviors to help you make better (and quicker) decisions

Making decisions can be difficult, especially if one tends to overthink. It is possible to make this process easier if you implement certain behaviors and implement some improvements.

Teak the list below for what it is – a list of tips that may help you in certain situations and not as a recipe to fix all 🙂

Let`s see what can help you to make decisions easier and quicker!

  1. Be mindful. You need to make conscious decisions – be present in the moment and aware of the choices you are making. It may be hard if you are impulsive but it can be done! Spontaneous decision making may be good sometimes but definitely not in serious matters.
  2. Take into consideration the consequences. Every action causes reaction – this is true not only in physics but also in everyday life. You need to be aware what consequences your decision will have not only on you but also on your environment.
  3. Don`t overthink. Careful consideration is good but overthinking can be a curse. It is good to think about your options carefully but to much can stop you from acting. Remember, done is better than perfect.
  4. Make a list of pros and cons. Don´t only think about it, actually make this list. You can use any tool you want but I highly recommend old school pen and paper. There is something in the process of manual writing that makes us stop and think more carefully about the topic. And having the arguments displayed visually will help you organize your thoughts.
  5. Does this decision align with your values. It is important to live with your values  so you need to keep them in mind when you are making decisions, otherwise your conscious won´t let you be 🙂
  6. Ask for an opinion. It is OK to ask other people for their opinion. Talk to someone who you respect. It is good idea to talk to somebody even if this person is not an expert on the topic. Sometimes a person from the outside has a better judgement and brings fresh look.
  7. Be agile. I used to hate this word when in my corporate life but it is true to the core. Even if you have a perfect plan, things don´t often go as we want them to. It is important to adjust accordingly, life happens!
  8. Make a plan. Sometimes a decision is not enough, it is good to prepare plan B, C or even D. What will you do when things won´t go as planned? Good preparation will allow you to avoid stress and surprises.
  9. Learn from your mistakes. It is always best to learn from mistakes of others but the truth is, that we learn the fastest from our own. Don´t look on the wrong decision as a mistake but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow. Don`t wait time for regrets, look for solutions instead.
  10. Don´t be afraid. I know it is sometimes difficult especially with anxiety and importance of the decision you are making. When I feel anxiety while making a decision I´m trying to think realistically what could be the worst possible outcome. Usually it  is not that bad it can´t be fixed.
  11. Avoid negative people if you can help it. As I wrote above – it is good to ask for advice but avoid fatalists. If you have a tough decision to make what you need is realistic view and not the fatalistic one. The fear of failure is real and doesn´t need to be feed.

Do you have any other tip to add to this list? Sher with me in the comments!

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