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How to be productive in a healthy way

Productivity is a word that in my opinion is overused. It is everywhere – at work, at school, at home. You need to be productive, if you are not you are deemed lazy. But is it really true?

Productivity is important tool that can be misused, especially if we fixate on the productivity itself and not the goal that we try to achieve.

Don´t get me wrong, we need to be productive in order to achieve our goals. This is clear. But in my opinion the productivity cannot be goal on its own. We are making improvements to make us more productive to free us more time to make more stuff and be even more productive. See the vicious circle there?

Like with all things in life wee need to find a balance with productivity, so how to do it? Let`s talk about things that can support your productivity and not drive you crazy.

  1. Start your day with a plan. Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish and prioritize them. You can prepare the plan in the evening just to have it ready on hand.
  2. Set realistic goals. Break each goal down into smaller, achievable steps. Do bucket lists, it is always motivating when you can see the progress you make.
  3.  Take breaks. Take a few minutes every hour to clear your head and reset your focus. It is particularly important if you tend to hyper-focus on tasks – fresh look usually helps with fixing issues.
  4. Make time for yourself. Schedule in some time to relax and unwind after a productive day. Do what makes you happy, read a book, watch a show, go for a walk.
  5. Exercise. Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine to boost your energy and productivity, especially if you have an office job. Exercise can help your energy levels, just give it a try!
  6. Eat healthy. Food is our fuel and a first step next to exercise that keeps us healthy.
  7.  Get enough sleep. Allow yourself enough time to rest and recharge. Sleep deprivation is similar to alcohol intoxication – it impacts your behavior and well being.
  8. Stay organized. Keep your workspace tidy and organized so you can stay focused and productive. Keep in mind that there is no one way to organize – test what works the best for you.
  9.  Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your mind and body healthy. I noticed that when I don´t drink enough water I am sleepy and tired. And my head hurts too.
  10. Reduce distractions. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media and other distractions so you can focus on what’s important. Turn off notifications, put on noise canceling headphones, close the door to your office, etc.
  11. Last but not least. Don´t be productive for the seek of being productive. Some people use productivity to brag. Productivity is a tool and not a goal.

Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments!

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